How to Fight the Forces of Evil – Rob Fore shares a little about taking back control

Rob Fore shares How to Create Money Comforts

Do yourself a favor and watch this video. It will help you understand yourself better. Listen how Rob Fore talks about Personal Belief.


You may be here as a coincidence. But Rob discusses how that you are here for a reason,

Maybe it is destiny.

it does not matter, it is just great that you found this place.


discovering how easy it is to start creating money comforts.  Rob Fore talks about money comforts here.

Rob Fore formally introduces himself.


Rob Fore talks about how much fun he has working part time in the comfort of his home office and works mostly in the mornings. You will also hear him talk about kicking the can,

playing the treehouse and other childhood experiences. At about 13 minutes into the video, he talks about a really scary experience.

He also shares a valuable lesson at about minute 26 of the video. He talks about the mistake he made.

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Money Comforts easy button

Money Comforts Success List

Money Comforts Success List

Back in October 2011, Rob Fore paid about 500 bucks to David Wood to be involved in this blogging system. He paid in advance. His brain started going crazy and he started to doubt. He called David Wood and talked about not cashing the check. But David Wood talked him out of it only by sharing a little hope about how someone was going to make 250,000 in a year. Was it going to be Rob Fore?

Emotional Drama

The movies in Fore’s brain and maybe in your brain become true to you. Listen, if you are not achieving money comforts, all you need to do is remind yourself how things worked together for good. The most powerful way to challenge these doubts is to crush their validity. Rob Fore talks about building your positive belief system.  Fore talks about questioning his beliefs and challenging them to help get out of thoughts that hold you back.


Maybe you think you are too old?

Maybe you think you are not smart enough?

Who do you know that is living the life that you want to have?


Just watch the video to learn how to believe in yourself to make more money. We call that money comforts.

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Bleacher Seat Cushions – behind the scenes of an Internet Retailer workday

Hey there,

Welcome to Spring.

As you know, has been in existence since 2000 selling comfort products online.

Did you know that it started as a Yahoo store way back then.

The software code is currently runs on was put in place in 2002.

(yes, unfortunately 2002 )

So the ecommerce platform is showing its age and was offline for a day

this week due to hosting issues.

Why dont we move platforms?

Very good question. We actually have a new proprietary ecommerce platform

that we run several sites, and we do even have a site running

on a version of that software.  So it is in the cards that the move will happen. The only

reason to stay with the current hosting is to leverage the organic search traffic. However,

as changes happen to the search traffic, the tradeoff may be to just switch.

We will keep you posted on that when it comes.

What is new on RelaxRate?

New merchandise over the past several months include children rugs, pet feeders (you have to keep your pets comfortable too), and kitchen scales. We also spent today working on the bleacher seat cushion page. We added new content, and refreshed some images.

We have also added some new technology to the site that gives up the option to refer

customers to Amazon or other merchants for an item if we no longer carry it. That has increased customer satisfaction since they know that all the inversion tables (for example) that are available online are presented on our category. Some we carry , some we don’t.

Finally, I am continuing to put a face to the company. The Google Authorship is now enabled to help people see that there is a live human working the company. You can see it in action on the company information page.

Thanks so much for your support over these years and I appreciate your business for years to come.

Bless and be blessed,


p.s. please add me to your google plus circles and I will return the favor.



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Extra Comfy Maternity Pillow Perfect For Pregnant Wife

Body Pillows are especially helpful for expecting mothers. They give extra support to aid comfortable sleep during the pregnancy term. Several brands are available online including The Snoozer Body Pillow, Moonlight Slumber, and Leachco.

What does the Maternity Pillow Do?

It helps support and aid sleep during pregnancy. The Snoozer Body Pillow has a unique S curve shape that allows for a more natural sleep position while still relieving pressure on the lower back, ankles and knees.  Pregnant women tend to get tired legs during the day.

Imagine that you are 24 weeks and you been having the same problem. I was getting aches and cramps in my legs and hips and it was making it impossible to sleep! I looked at all the pillows online and found that I couldn’t get any of them at a local retailer – I wanted to be able to see and feel the pillow before I bought it. Eventually I just caved and we went out and got a big fluffy body pillow that has worked GREAT. I sleep with my leg wrapped around it and while it seems like a 3rd person in bed, we’re managing. I’ve been sleeping great this last week and I don’t think I’ll have to drop the $ 50 on a maternity pillow Like most pregnant women as my pregnancy progressed, I was experiencing issues with getting comfortable in the bed.

A friend told me about the Leachco pillow, so I decided to purchase the item to see if it really provides me with the comfort I need while in the bed. As described, the pillow provides the support I needed and now I can sleep through the night with the comfort needed for a restful sleep. The pillow is flexible. It allows you to put it into different a position which adds to the comfort level.

Customers love the removable/washable pillow cover. Would highly recommend body pillows.

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Back Stretching Machines: Benefits of the Back Stretch

RelaxRate is the first to offer a preliminary information report that covers back stretch machine information you need to know. From the phone calls, the emails, and even forum posts, we know that our online customer desires to understand the benefits of back stretch machines to prevent buyers remorse later on.

Our experience is that most shoppers are happier about their purchase when they feel certain they are making the right decision before they purchase a machine for back stretching, like the Precor 240i Commercial Series Stretch Trainer to stretch your back.

What makes this stretching machines overview guide different is that we approach it from the customers reason for buying: relief from back pain.

This article will cover some of the current brands, and the various models that meet the needs of men. Specifically, we will cover three key areas you should understand as you research the best product to stretch in the comfort of your own home.

With the upcoming shopping season, people are looking for the perfect item for their  stretch in the comfort of your own home, so we thought we would put together a helpful list of things to consider prior to purchasing a back stretcher. Before you dive into this article, remove any distractions and get a pen and paper handy as you answer these questions.

As a person that shops online, have you ever had one of those moments when the item you ordered was not what you needed? Maybe you did not ask the right questions and that money was burning a hole in your pocket. Me too.

In the next few minutes, we are going to look at three key research topics that you must consider before you purchase a Maybe you reached this page because you were researching the top brands in this product category, the best products at the best price, or some specific  reviews. Based on those criteria above, experts would consider the top selling brands to beBut before you dive into the items offered by each of these top names, take a few moments to read this simple product category review. Hopefully, these topics will help you avoid buyers remorse. Precor 240i Commercial Series StretchTrainer and what to know about them should be learned about whenever the time has come to make a purchase.

Three Things You Should Know When Buying a back stretcher machines.

The first question to consider and answers you want to know is what is the first benefit of a back stretcher?

First, they may prevent pain.

You can prevent pain occurances if you stretch to loosen back muscles. It also helps reduce pressure on the spine, as well as improve poor posture.

The second benefit is to improve poor posture. Next, you need to know Increases Flexibility. It may be that increase range of motion

Finally, to develop a deeper product knowledge, you need to consider how a back stretcher can improve circulation. Helping your circulatory system may decrease chronic back pain, relieve tension in the muscles, and increase oxygen flow throughout the body. The other benefit of this is to improve focus and concentration.


These are the key questions you should consider before purchasing a back stretching Machine. Keep these three tips in mind, and you will be able to pick out the perfect  for any adventure. Buying a Commercial Series Stretch Trainer is a big decision and we wish you the best of luck in your buying process The marketplace is always changing, of course. New models are frequently introduced and old ones discontinued. For more product and pricing information, be sure to review RelaxRate for great back stretching devices, inversion tables, and massagers.

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Futuristic Marketing Bonus: Why RelaxRate aligned with Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson

“Save time and money with the Futuristic Marketing System”

We recently found and article that explains why an ecommerce store can use futuristic marketing to do a better job marketing to new prospects using Facebook. We took a look at Futuristic Marketing system and we are excited to buy it (plus take advantage of the great futuristic Marketing bonuses from Matt Lloyd) .

Here are some ideas to help you think about ways you can use the program.

1. We are going to create several different marketing campaigns for different products and host them on our facebook business page. Jonathan Budd created software that will make it very easy for our staff to create as many cool pages as we want.

2. We will link them to our email service provider and we can follow up with great content about the product features and benefits so the customer can buy from us when they are ready.  Why? They trust us.

3.  We can create webinars that really dive into the details of each product and set them up on auto pilot.  We have always wanted to run automated webinars on Facebook and Futuristic Marketing will make this very easy.

Can you imagine what you can do with this marketing capability?

Learn more by filling out this form below to get the same bonuses we will.

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