Stamina Pilates, Gyrotonics Exercise Equipment, Inversion Tables, Exercise Bikes, Ellipticals & Rowing Machines
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Stamina Pilates, Gyrotonics Exercise Equipment, Inversion Tables, Exercise Bikes, Ellipticals & Rowing Machines

Stamina Pilates, Gyrotonics Exercise Equipment, Inversion Tables, Exercise Bikes, Ellipticals & Rowing Machines

Stamina Pilates Method Exercise Equipment Stamina Pilates Method Exercise Equipment
Stamina Gyrotonics Exercise Equipment Stamina Gyrotonics Exercise Equipment
Stamina Inversion Tables Stamina Inversion Tables
Stamina Exercise Bikes, Ellipticals & Rowing Machines Stamina Exercise Bikes, Ellipticals & Rowing Machines

Stamina Fitness Equipment

Stamina Pilates and Exercise Equipment have been designed and crafted with the highest level of quality. Staminas Pilates reformer machines bring all the benefits of the studio Pilates into your home. Like the studio reformers, Staminas home reformers correct your bodys imbalances to give you perfect posture, graceful movement, and a long, lean, strong body. Unlike the studio reformers, Stamina has added the Free-Form Cardio Rebounder to their AeroPilates reformers to give you a cardio workout equal to that of a treadmill. Staminas folding reformers store away easily. If you have more room and like the traditional look of wood, they have that, too. And all of Staminas reformer designs are based on the blueprints of the first mini reformer designed by Joe Pilates himself. You can not get more authentic than that.

The Inversion Therapy Department is dedicated to offering you a broad selection of quality inversion tables. Choose from the popular Stamina Inversion Tables offered.

The Stamina line of Fitness Machines, Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bikes, and Upright Stationary Exercise Bikes, and sleek Compact Rowing Machine are offered. Here you will find fitness equipment built with attention to quality and detail. Stamina Exercise Equipment was founded in 1987, and is one of the top fitness machine companies in the industry. Built using heavy-duty steel frames and powder coated paint finishes, you can be assured of years of rugged use, easy storage and transportation. They make the perfect fitness machines for weight loss.

Gyrotonic exercise equipment is designed to improve the development and flexibility of the whole body by combining the basic principles found in exercises such as swimming, gymnastics, ballet, and yoga. Unlike many other exercise machines/equipment that focus on developing one muscle, or one group of muscles at a time, the Gyrotonic exercise equipment is designed to build strength and enhance coordination in all muscle groups.

Yoga vs Pilates
Yoga is a holistic, philosophical approach to fitness. Research suggests it was created in India as many as 5,000 years ago and was brought to the Western World more than 100 years ago. The basic premise of yoga is that it uses movement, breathing, posture, relaxation and meditation to create a harmonious body, mind and spirit. Yoga exercises are mostly static; you get into the pose, then hold it for several breath cycles while you focus on breathing, physical feelings and emotions.
Pilates was created in the 1920s. It was used to rehabilitate injured soldiers in World War I. Pilates was introduced later to the dance world when the creator, Joseph Pilates, immigrated to the United States. Pilates strives to develop a graceful, fluid rhythm while performing the repetitions or transitioning from one exercise to another. Unlike the static nature of yoga, Pilates exercises are constantly moving. Performing five to 10 repetitions of an exercise and then moving on to the next. Pilates focuses on the powerhouse (the core or trunk) and building strength there first. Pilates is about moving in ways that help strengthen the powerhouse and all its stabilizing muscles.
Some workout equipment can be considered yoga and pilates equipment. If you have not found what you are looking for here, take a look in our Yoga Exercise Department.

More information about the Pilates Method can be found at any of the following links.

United States Pilates Association - The USPA intends to extend its resources and mission into the areas of Teacher Training and Certification and Continuing Education in Authentic Pilates and to spread Authentic Pilates Education into the public and private sectors.

Pilates Method Alliance - The PMA is the international not for profit professional association for the Pilates method. The PMAs mission is to protect the public by establishing certification and continuing education standards for Pilates professionals.

Beyond the Movement Pilates Podcast - Beyond the Movement is the very first Podcast dedicated to the Pilates Method. Your host, Heidi Miller has an extensive fitness background and has dedicated herself to her Pilates studio and her many students. While teaching, Heidi has recognized the need to inform and inspire. She has an intuitive understanding of the mechanics of the body and a passion for helping others to unlock their body's potential. Pilates is based on movement, but after only a few sessions, most people begin to understand that Pilates can be so much more than movement alone. This Podcast is dedicated to providing insight and exploration into the body's awakening as you progress beyond the movement.

Be it the famous Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables, weight equipment, pilates, or water aerobics equipment, make yourself fit and healthy and live life fully!

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"wonderful pilates equipment! 10+. Great site and pilates DVD selection. I will be back."
Stella A., Boynton beach, Florida

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