Air Cooling, Humidity & Indoor Air Pollution Control Products
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Air Cooling, Humidity & Indoor Air Pollution Control Products

Air Cooling, Humidity & Indoor Air Pollution Control Products

Portable Air Conditioners, Dehumidifers, Swamp Coolers, Fans Portable Air Conditioners, Dehumidifers, Swamp Coolers, Fans
Industrial Axial Fans, and Tower Fans Industrial Axial Fans, and Tower Fans
HEPA Air Purifier Cleaners & Replacement Filters HEPA Air Purifier Cleaners & Replacement Filters
Hunter Home Room Humidifiers And Vaporizer Hunter Home Room Humidifiers And Vaporizer

Air Conditioners and Swamp Coolers - Discount Portable, Window, Room and Home Air Conditioners and Evaporative Swamp Coolers from Schaefer Ventilation, Danby, Alen, Whynter and Fujitronic

Danby Air Conditioners and Air Dehumidifiers offer unmatched quality, styling and air cooling performance. Whether for the home, apartment, mobile home or office Danby Freestanding Portable Air Conditioners and Portable Dehumidifiers are available in a wide range of models and sizes to suit your every need.

Energy Star is an international symbol for the most energy efficient product. Only products that are 10 – 50 percent more efficient than the standard are allowed to carry the Energy Star symbol.

.com now has the complete and extensive line of high quality IQ Air Air Purifiers. IQ Air has addressed the growing problem of Allergies and Asthma and has developed a superior filter to handle this concern. We highly recommend the Health Pro Plus to take care of your air. For industrial applications, refer to the extensive IQ Air Commercial Air Purifiers. To simplifiy ordering IQ Air replacement filters, we have developed the easy-to-use IQ Air filter chart (scroll down the IQ Air Department page) and click on the selected IQ Air Purifier replacement filter link to order your replacement Air filter.

The purity of your air is of equal importance when aiming to maximize the comfort of your home. The air you breathe every day and night, whether it is at your office or in the bedroom, should be clean. The purifiers we offer help to significantly reduce the containments found in most homes, including dusts and pollens. HEPAtech and Quiet Flo TruHEPA filters help to prevent allergy attacks at home, and help people who suffer from allergies to sleep well through the night. One of the greatest benefits of a Hunter Air Purifier is the simple clean feeling and smelling air. Clean and properly humid air can be the perfect finishing, or beginning touch to a perfectly comfortable also offers replacement filters for all the Hunter models we sell.

Maintaining the humidity of the air in your home, particularly in the dry winter months, can provide many benefits. Proper moisture in your home's air helps to prevent dry scratchy throats, itchy skin, and sinus problems. Humidity also helps maintain the wood in your home and furnishings, as dry air will draw the moisture from any source it can find. For those in the technical fields, or use computers at home, proper humidity can prevent dangerous static electricity build-ups. We offer humidifiers. Finding comfort while sleeping or suffering from a cold can be gratifying with the use of a Vaporizor.

Capable of moving large volumes of air quickly, the Versa-kool Portable Industrial Cooling Fans offer reliable cooling coverage and spot cooling capabilities. You may chose from Tilting Axial Fans or Oscillating with Tilting feature Axial Fans or select one of the Heavy-duty Industrial Box Fans for exceptional air volume exchange. Versa-kool Spot cooler fans aren't just for commercial use, they also make a superior whole house cooling exhaust fan! You can count on Schaefer Ventilation for superior portable and mobile air circulation and environmental cooling fan products. Most Versa-Kool Axial Fans are OSHA compliant and can be operated safely indoors or out.

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Portable Air Conditioners, Dehumidifers, Swamp Coolers, Fans

Portable Evaporative Swamp Coolers

Portable Air Conditioners & Dehumidifiers

Indoor Cooling Fans - Floor Fans - Desk Fans - Misting Fans

Industrial Axial Fans, and Tower Fans

Schaefer Air Circulation Fans

Industrial Axial Fans - Schaefer Ventilation Industrial and Commercial Cooling Fans

HEPA Air Purifier Cleaners & Replacement Filters

Portable Room and HEPA Air Purifier Cleaners

IQAir Air Purifiers and HEPA Air Ventilation

HEPA and Air Purifier Replacement Filters

HEPA Air Purifiers from Airpura Industries

Sharp HEPA Air Purifiers

Hunter Home Room Humidifiers And Vaporizer

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