Bird & Animal Control Visual Deterrents by Bird X
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Bird & Animal Control Visual Deterrents by Bird X

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Bird & Animal Control Visual Deterrents by Bird X

Pest Control Bird Control Products - Bird-X Bird-Lite Visual Strobe Lite Electronic Bird Control
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Drives birds away with pulsing strobe light explosions. As ...
Pest Control Bird Control Products - Bird-X Laser Bird Repeller
Free Ground Shipping!
Laser beams are well-documented to chase away pest birds. ...
Pest Control Bird Control Products - Bird-X Gator Guard Visual Bird Control Device
Free Ground Shipping!
Realistic frightening floating alligator head scares off ...
Pest Control Geese Control Products - Bird-X 3-D Coyote Visual Geese Control Device
Free Ground Shipping!
Realistic, stalking threat creates a danger zone where ...
Visual Bird Control - Bird-X Irri-Tape Visual Bird Control Device
Free Ground Shipping!
Annoying flapping shiny holographic tape will help frighten ...
Pest Control Bird Control Products - Bird-X Prowler Owl Visual Bird Control Device
Realistic Owl with a flapping wingspan of 4 feet, this ...
Pest Control Bird Control Products - Bird-X Terror Eyes Visual Bird Control Device
Free Ground Shipping!
Used by government agencies such as NASA, the Bird-X ...

Bird Droppings Problem Control Scare Devices - Bird-X Bird and Animal Control Visual Deterrents

Welcome to the Bird-X Bird and Animal Visual Scare Deterrents. Proven to work in many different applications, these animal and bird visual scare deterrents will work in conjunction with other Bird-X products, as well as stand alone solutions. From visual flashing strobe lights to realistic Gator Dummies Bird Scare Device and Owl Dummies Bird Scare Device, Bird-X has a visual scare product for your satisfaction and peace of mind. Should you have any questions regarding your particular Bird or Animal Pest Problems, please call 1-800-303-7574 for the best recommendation from one of our product specialists. Please keep in mind, these pest repellant products do not guarantee immediate results and all directions should be followed to the letter.

WHY CONTROL BIRDS? Bird droppings are unsightly and cause dangerous, slippery working conditions. Bird droppings are corrosive to many materials including steel and concrete, especially when combined with the effects of salt (from oceans or roads) and/orharsh weather. This corrosion can and does weaken structural integrity. Bird droppings are unhealthy - even potentially fatal. At least sixty transmissible diseases have been associated with birds and their excrement. Bird droppings cost money. Time and materials for "cleaning up" represent costsunrecoverable by revenues. They spoil inventory by eating spillage, contaminating pallets of food, drugs or chemicals, or by bombarding aircraft and other durable goods with uric acidic excrement. They nibble at, or even tear out insulation. USDA, OSHA, local health boards and other governmental organizations can cite companies for bird mess problems. If the problems are not corrected, companies can be fined or shut down.

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