Baby Jogging Strollers by InStep & Schwinn
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Baby Jogging Strollers by InStep & Schwinn

Baby Jogging Strollers by InStep & Schwinn

InStep & Schwinn Swivel Wheel Jogging Strollers InStep & Schwinn Swivel Wheel Jogging Strollers
Schwinn & InStep Fixed Wheel Jogging Strollers Schwinn & InStep Fixed Wheel Jogging Strollers

Baby Jogging Strollers - InStep and Schwinn Single and Double Baby Strollers and Baby Jogger Strollers

Getting back into shape after the birth of your child is now easier than ever. Pick up a Jogging Stroller and you will be jogging more than 5K in no time. Like to run or walk on grass or hard-packed dirt paths? Schwinn has created what must be the only "SUV" Sport Utility Stroller with large wheels that roll over any type of terrain in both single and double models. If you frequently backpack and want to take your baby with you, the very clever Backpack Stroller converts from backpack with child papoose style to stroller easily. All of the InSTEP and Schwinn Baby Strollers can be folded down and easily loaded in the trunk. An especially lightweight stroller and Swivel stroller round out the extensive line offered.

We offer a variety of quality single strollers and double strollers. These Baby Strollers feature bicycle technology and virtually all fold down compact for quick and easy transport. You can even roll right along just like a Sport Utility Vehicle with the All Terrain Strollers. We also feature Bicycle Trailers by InSTEP and Schwinn.

You will save more than 10% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price on many of the models we offer, and that includes FREE shipping!

InSTEP™ has been manufacturing a wide range of Baby Strollers and Bicycle Trailers for active families and the home for over 15 years, and throughout this time their view of what the customer wants has never changed – provide a quality, full-featured product at a value price. "A step ahead of the rest" may sound like just another company slogan, but that thought is actually incorporated into every new product InStep creates.

Ignaz Schwinn, with his partner Adolph Arnold, incorporated the "Arnold, Schwinn & Company" on October 22, 1895. Over one hundred years later, the name Schwinn brings to mind the classic models, like Stingray and Phantom, from days gone by.

Schwinn® is an American icon, a world leader in technology and fabrication. They are on the forefront of advances in fitness equipment, and have been an indispensable player in revolutionizing bicycling around the world. The people at Schwinn are proud of the exceptional quality of their products and strive toward maintaining the vision of quality their founders had over one hundred years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the age and weight limitations for Schwinn®/InSTEP™ Baby Strollers?
    Schwinn/InSTEP recommends that the child is at least 6 months of age and be able to hold his/her head up on their own in our non-reclining strollers. The maximum weight capacity of the single stroller is 50 pounds and the double stroller is 100 pounds combined weight, maximium 50 pounds each.

  2. Do Schwinn/InSTEP Baby Strollers fold?
    Yes, depending on the model, all of Schwinn®/InSTEP Baby Strollers fold down for easily for storage and transportation.

  3. What kind of warranty do Schwinn®/InSTEP Baby Strollers have?
    Schwinn®/InSTEP™ warrants their products to be free from defective materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase date and will repair and replace any such defective part without charge for one year.

  4. I have just recently purchased my stroller and it has a tendency to veer one way or another. What could be causing this and is this something I can fix myself?
    When a stroller veers one way or another usually it’s just a matter of aligning/adjusting the front wheel. To do this, simply loosen the front wheel lock nuts and check to be sure that each tab washer is resting in the alignment holes in the front fork. Once everything is loosened up, wiggle the wheel from side to side and point the front of the wheel the opposite direction of the veers. Then tighten the locknuts by hand and try pushing the stroller. This adjustment will eventually correct the problem. Then simply tighten the locknuts with a wrench and you’re all set to go strolling!

  5. I have a broken part on my Stroller, what do I do? Should I return the stroller to
    No. Please contact Schwinn®/InSTEP at 1-800-242-6110 as Schwinn/InSTEP can repair it or send out replacement parts.

    Information Courtesy of Schwinn/InSTEP

    Click the following link for making an informative decision regarding choosing the right Baby Stroller for you and your baby.

    What Our Customers Have Said:
    "I googled Baby Strollers and your site was convenient and easy to use. It had what I was looking for at a reasonable discount price. Buying from you was as about as good as I could hope for. I don’t really do a lot of online shopping, but this was a convenient way to buy a jogging stroller for my Grandson in California and not have to hassle with the shipping, etc. I have already told my daughter in California about your company. "
    -Spencer , Aliso Viejo, CA

    "Thank you so much quickly giving me the instep website ( ) when I needed to replace a broken piece to my double instep baby jogger. The broken piece is on the right side. This piece helps to collapse the instep jogging stroller. I did not know where to go, thanks for giving great customer service."
    L. Furlough, North Carolina

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