Sacro Ease Auto Seat Cushions & Car Seat Supports
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Sacro Ease Auto Seat Cushions & Car Seat Supports

Sacro Ease Auto Seat Cushions & Car Seat Supports

Back Support Pillows - Core Bucketseat Sitback Back Lumbar Support Pillows
Free Ground Shipping!
The Bucketseat Sitback Rest is very lightweight and ...
Car Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Deluxe Memory Foam Back Support Car Seat Cushion Charcoal BRSCMCF
Free Ground Shipping!
Back support solution for people that drive for a living. ...
Coccyx Gel Seat Cushion With Fleece Top 16in D x 18 in W x 3 in
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Self Inflating Travel Cushion - Automatically Inflating Portable Seat Device
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Wagan IN9788 Ortho Wedge Car Seat Cushion
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Car Seat Cushions help make longer drives more comfortable. ...
Wondergel Supreme Gel Seat Cushion - Exclusive Ultimate Range
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Do you want to discover the latest development from ...
Car Seat Cushions - Sacro Ease Car Seat Cushion, Model RS
Free Ground Shipping!
When seats start to sag from breakdown and overuse, they ...
Car Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Deluxe Car Seat Cushion Coccyx Cut-Out Model
Free Ground Shipping!
For those who have trouble sitting comfortably, the model ...
Car Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Deluxe Bottom Only Seat Cushion
Free Ground Shipping!
When seats start to sag from breakdown and overuse, they ...
Car Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Executive-RX 2-Inch Car Seat Cushion, Coccyx Cut-Out Seat Model
Free Ground Shipping!
For the larger person who needs support without the ...
Car Seat Cushions - Sacro Ease Standard Back Support Car Seat Cushions, Models: BR, BRSM, and BRN
Free Ground Shipping!
Simply one of the most effective ways to "rebuild" an ...
Car Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Keri Cush Lumbar Support Car Seat Cushion
Free Ground Shipping!
The Sacro Ease Keri Cush Seat Cushion will give an old seat ...
Car Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Keri Back Lumbar Support Car Seat Cushion
The Sacro Ease Keri Back Cushion is designed to give ...
Car Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Extra Cushioned Car Seat Cushion ~ BRC - BRSCM - BRNC
Free Ground Shipping!
Simply one of the most effective ways to "rebuild" an ...
Car Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Deluxe Car Seat Cushion Coccyx Cut-Out Seat Support
Free Ground Shipping!
Simply one of the most effective ways to "rebuild" an ...
Car Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Super Deluxe Model 2000SE
Free Ground Shipping!
With a lot of extra padding in addition to their ...
Sacro Ease Memory Foam Tapered Car Seat Cushion ~ 12 - 15 - 19 Inch Models
Sacro Ease has designed the new comfort memory foam model ...
Non Returnable Special Order - Sacro Ease Memory Foam Tapered Car Seat Cushion with Coccyx Cut-Out - 19 Inch
Sacro Ease has designed the new comfort memory foam model ...
Tall Driver Auto Seat Cushion - Sacro Ease Memory Foam Bucket Seat Cushion - 15 Inch - Model BRSCM CF 24-18
Free Ground Shipping!
This SacroEase Auto seat cushion is a custom size auto seat ...
Portable Chair - Sacro Ease Sports Seat Cushion Stadium Seat
Free Ground Shipping!
The Sports-Portable Seat Cushion is simply your best bet ...
Non Returnable Special Order - Car Seat Bolster - Sacro Ease Bolster Neck Pillow - Fits Sacro Ease Car Seat Cushions
When your seat is reclined too far back, you will ...

Car Seat Cushions - Driving Car Seat Supports - Complete Line of Sacro-Ease Back Lumbar Driving and Chair Seat Supports, Car Seat Cushions and Pillows


THE PROBLEM: Overly soft, broken down, or poorly designed vehicular seats cause drivers' hips to slump down and forward into a painful position, referred to by medical professionals as "flexion". See the "Unsupported" illustration, below, left. In this position the lumbar spine is virtually pulled into an unnatural bowed shape, placing stress on the surrounding nerves and muscles. Medical professionals generally agree that flexion can often lead to low back pain, even in very healthy individuals.

Over extended periods of driving in this flexed position, industrial drivers, such as police officers, bus drivers, truckers, airline pilots, and sales personnel, often develop debilitating back injury. Lost time off the job is the costly result of this "seat-related back injury", often found in organizations with fleets of vehicles, heavy equipment, or aircraft. It is also frequently found in offices due to unsupported work chairs.

unsupported, slumped, in pain = injured

supported, upright, comfortable = productive

THE SOLUTION: Sacro-Ease ® Posture Correction Seat Inserts sit right on top of existing vehicular or aircraft seats....or office chairs. Each provides, first and most importantly, a firm seat bottom which prevents the driver from slumping down and forward in otherwise overly soft seat cushions. While using a Sacro-Ease seat insert, the hips are anchored to the backrest, holding the lumbar spine in a natural, upright position.

The 4-way adjustable lumbar support, incorporated into the backrest of the Sacro-Ease seat insert, is then easily custom-fitted to the shape of the individual's spine to provide comfortable support through maintenance of the normal curve of the lumbar spine.

Working together, the seat bottom and backrest completely replace the inadequate supportive characteristics of the existing seat. They hold the driver in the proper sitting posture, which is often termed "extension" or the "neutral sitting position" by medical professionals. See the "Supported With Sacro-Ease" illlustration, above,right.

The driver can then travel in total comfort, even over very long distances. Seat-related back injury is usually totally eliminated through the use of Sacro-Ease Seat Inserts, saving the organization the high costs of lost time. The driver remains productive and on the job.

Coyx and Sacro Ease (seat cushions for autos) supports and accessories help relieve low back discomfort by providing firm, yet very comfortable sitting surfaces. Sacro Ease has created Sacro Ease car seat cushions, supports with a Sacro Easee coccyx cut-out, wheelchair models and the classic standard Sacro Ease Car Seat Cushions. Select an accessory for your Sacro Ease, choose from Sacro Ease imitation sheepskin covers, fiber jacket covers, and a carrying case for all Sacro Ease car seat cushions.

Sacro Ease Car Seat Cushions bring the hips back by lifting the individual up from a slumped position (caused by soft seats) to a natural upright posture. This effective seating insert sits right on your existing car or truck seat or chair in the home or office. When supported by Sacro Ease Car Seat Cushions, the hips are "anchored" to the seat's backrest, rather than slumped. Therefore, the spine is held in a natural upright position, relieving lumbar pressure. Back pain is then greatly reduced or, most often, completely eliminated.

Each Sacro Ease Car Seat Cushions insert is constructed with heavy rubber supports spanning internal, carbon steel frames composing the seat bottom and 4-way adjustable backrest/lumbar support. These two components are then connected with solid steel rivets and hinges for durability under the weight and movement of the heaviest driver. The unit is then covered with attractive, high-wear, easy-to-clean, 100% nylon fabric in one of several attractive colors (black, charcoal gray, medium gray, dark brown, light brown, blue and burgundy) . McCartys sends them all out bent which fit about 85% of all people.

"I just bought a Dodge Ram. The seat support is gone. I am a big man and the Sacro Ease cushion worked best for me. My back and hips would kill me about 30 min. I work in my truck. alot of driving. Thanks"
-Ralph N., Los Angeles CA

Sacro Ease Back Support Cushions allow you to transform any unsupported sitting situation into a well supported solution. That said, please be aware that there will be an "adjustment" period of a few weeks once you first start using the proper support. TIP: Give your back the time to get used to the new, proper support! Some initial discomfort is normal as your back adjusts!

Customer Testimonials for Sacro Ease
"Hello, The only back seat back support cushion I buy is the SacroEase seat which I have been doing so for several years. I have referred your site to several friends as it is easy to navigate through and you have a good selection of products if you are looking for something."
-Delta D., frazee, MN

"I knew about you from a Previous order. I decided to buy the car seat cushion because of the merchandise review/pictures/cost. It is just much easer to access merchandise information. I will absolutely tell others about Keep up the good work."
Cosme V., Sacramento CA

"I did a google search for auto seat cushions. I was looking for a high end product with a seat and back. From the product description it sounded well built. I am very satisfied with the seat and would highly recommend it to anyone with a broken car seat. It provides much better back support than the original seat. The online description helped me decide on the car back support cushion."
-Richard R., Brewer ME

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