Popup Portable Hobby Greenhouse Garden Covers
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Popup Portable Hobby Greenhouse Garden Covers

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Popup Portable Hobby Greenhouse Garden Covers

Portable Greenhouse Kit - Flowerhouse Seedhouse Jr. Portable Hobby Pop Up Mini Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
If you love getting an early start in your gardening ...
Portable Greenhouse Kit - Flowerhouse Seedhouse Portable Hobby Pop Up Mini Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
If you love getting an early start in the gardening season, ...
Portable Greenhouse Kit - FlowerHouse StarterHouse Portable Hobby Pop Up Mini Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
Perennials and flowering shrubs that grow in bed row ...
Portable Greenhouse Kits - Flowerhouse Planthouse 3 Foot Portable Hobby Pop Up Mini Greenhouse Kits
Free Ground Shipping!
If you love your perennials and flowering shrubs, than the ...
Portable Greenhouse Kit - Flowerhouse Rowhouse Portable Garden Hobby Pop Up Mini Greenhouse Kit
Free Ground Shipping!
Perennials and flowering shrubs that grow in longer garden ...
Portable Greenhouse Kit - Flowerhouse Planthouse Portable Hobby Pop Up Mini Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
If you love your perennials and flowering shrubs, than the ...
Portable Greenhouse Kits - Flowerhouse Planthouse 4 Foot Portable Hobby Pop Up Mini Greenhouse Kits
Free Ground Shipping!
If you love your perennials and flowering shrubs, than the ...
Mini Greenhouse Kits - PlantTower 4 - FHPT400CL
Free Ground Shipping!
You could find some clear plastic bags and a cheap shelf ...
Portable Greenhouse - FarmHouse Flower Forcer - FHFH700FF
Free Ground Shipping!
FarmHouse Flower Forcer is a Hobby Greenhouse designed to ...
Portable greenhouses - FarmHouse Clear - FHFH700CL
Free Ground Shipping!
This portable, pop up Hobby Greenhouse is perfect for ...
Portable greenhouses - PlantHouse 5ft Clear - FHPH155CL
Free Ground Shipping!
The FlowerHouse CLEAR PlantHouse 5 greenhouse is a uniquely ...
Portable greenhouses - SpringHouse Clear - FHSP300CL
Free Ground Shipping!
It does not get any easier than the FlowerHouse. It has a ...
Portable Greenhouse Kit - FlowerHouse BloomHouse Portable Hobby Pop Up Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
If you ever wanted a full-size, walk-in greenhouse with ...
Portable Greenhouse Kit - FlowerHouse FarmHouse Portable Hobby Pop Up Greenhouse FHFH700
Free Ground Shipping!
Commercial growers love the portability of the Flowerhouse ...
Portable Greenhouse Kit - FlowerHouse HotHouse Portable Hobby Pop Up Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
Ever wanted to step from your kitchen or backdoor into your ...
Portable Greenhouse Kits - FlowerHouse DreamHouse Portable Pop Up Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
If you ever wanted a full-size, walk-in greenhouse with ...
Portable Greenhouse Kits - FlowerHouse OrchidHouse Portable Pop Up Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
Looking for a few Orchid growing tips? Here's one: the ...
Portable Greenhouse Kits - FlowerHouse SpringHouse Portable Pop Up Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
If you ever wanted a full-size, stand-alone, walk-in ...
Portable Greenhouse Kit - FlowerHouse DomeHouse Portable Hobby Pop Up Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
Are you looking for an portable inexpensive Greenhouse kit? ...
Portable Greenhouse Kits - Flowerhouse Planthouse 5 Foot Portable Hobby Pop Up Mini Greenhouse Kits
Free Ground Shipping!
If you love your perennials and flowering shrubs, than the ...
Portable Greenhouse Kit - Flowerhouse Conservatory Portable Hobby Pop Up Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
This fun flower and plant conservatory is 10 feet tall and ...
Portable Shed - StorageHouse L - SHSM655
The StorageHouse L will take care of your storage needs at ...
Portable Storage Shed - StorageHouse Portable Hobby Pop Up Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
The StorageHouse XXL™ design is compact and lightweight for ...
Portable Storage Shed - FlowerHouse StorageHouse Portable Hobby Pop Up Greenhouse
Free Ground Shipping!
The StorageHouse XL™ design is compact and lightweight for ...
Pop-Up Portable Storage Shed - StorageHouse 3XL - 3XL899
Free Ground Shipping!
Your outdoor storage problems solved for a fraction of the ...
Mini greenhouse supplies - SpringHouse Shelve Set - FHSP300SHV
Free Ground Shipping!
Expand you Springhouse greenhouse ith additional shelving. ...
Hobby greenhouse kits - FarmHouse Shelve Set - FHFH700SHV
Free Ground Shipping!
This portable, pop-up greenhouse is perfect for extending ...

Portable Greenhouse Kits - Self Erecting Greenhouse Kits, Pop Up Greenhouse Kits, Portable Greenhouse Kits, Mini Greenhouse Kits, or Garden Row Covers

Flowerhouse Portable Pop Up Greenhouse Kits are an amazing idea and about as cost effective as trying to build your own cheap and easy portable greenhouse. Imagine taking the principle of the Pop Up Tent and applying the technology to a portable greenhouse. Flowerhouse has several different greenhouse sizes to suit your gardening needs, such as the portable greenhouse, portable mini greenhouse, portable greenhouse kits, mini greenhouse portable, mini portable greenhouse kits, and a portable collapsible greenhouse.

Made from a durable flexible plastic called Gro-Tech that is perfect for greenhouses. Portable, UV resistant, 100 percent waterproof and featuring rip-stop protection, these sturdy plastic portable greenhouse coverings have been test to withstand wind gusts up to 60 mph. Driving rain, hail, and snow are not a problem for a Flowerhouse! Rest assured, teams of master gardeners, greenhouse experts and designers were called in to create this revolutionary line of pop up greenhouses. These clever portable greenhouses set up in just seconds and are perfect for creating humid conditions ideal for growing delicate plants, flowers and shrubs.

Every Pop Up Portable Grenhouse (sp) Kit has adjustable flaps for air venting, convenient access for hoses and power cords, and shade covers for days when you want to protect young seedlings from bright sunlight. Flowerhouse Greenhouse Kits are great for protection from foraging insects, animals, birds and deer. Use the Rowhouse as a garden row cover for protection for your garden row crops from frost and early spring storms. These inventive greenhouse kits will elevate professional gardeners to planthood and the average Joe to garden graduate with a green thumb.

Flowerhouse Portable Pop Up Greenhouse Kits - the more you garden, the more you grow.

Questions and Answers
Question:I am interested in providing appropriate, winter greenhousing for sub-tropical plants (a small avocado, some jade, Norfolk Island Pines, et al. on my south deck in Western North Carolina (2,500 ft. alt). We no longer have indoor room for them. I have perused your and other websites, but I still do not know which product would be the best. I prefer a walk-in pop up of medium size and can provide a heater, etc., if needed.
Answer:All our greenhouses provide about the same growing conditions. The only real question is how much room is needed. Our most popular walk in greenhouse is the DreamHouse, which is 8' w x 8' d x 6.5 ' t. This has enough room for most applications is at a very reasonable price point.

How a Greenhouse Works

Owning a greenhouse is a great way of producing fresh and mostly organic fruits and vegetables that burst with flavor year round. But greenhouse gardening takes time, knowledge and patience. In order to squeeze the potential out of your greenhouse you will need to plan.

The first step is to decide what type of greenhouse you want. To keep it simple, a cold greenhouse is the best choice. Without any heating assistance, the growing season follows suit with outside temperatures. However, a cold house still extends the growing season by trapping the sun's heat inside.

Once you install a heater, you have a true greenhouse. This creates a wonderful year-round hobby! Remember though, a minimum of 45° F is required to grow through the winter. The closer you build to your house, the lower the costs will be, and the conveniece of access is also a plus.

There is an ample collection of greenhouse styles available today. Each design is geared to a specific level of greenhouse gardening. It is safe to say that the serious gardener would more then likely build their greenhouse from scratch. For the dabblers and hobbiests there are smaller versions of the greenhouse available, such as portable, hobby. or mini greenhouses.

A greenhouse is a structure that creates a protected environment for plants to grow in, thus extending the productive lives of plants. The key is to maximize the use of space and learn as much as possible.

Like any structure, when building a greenhouse that will last for many years, you need to ensure a solid foundation. While a soil base allows the growth of larger plants, it is imperative that you allow for proper drainage. It is also a good idea to test the soil for nutrients. After all, replacing the soils is much more convenient befor construction! To prevent freezing during the winter season it is criticle to insulate the perimeter with 1-2 inch Styrofoam board that is recessed approximately 2 feet deep around the outside edge.

The next step in establishing longevity and endurance in your greenhouse is the glazing used. Glazing is commonly the most expensive piece of the greenhouse puzzle. However, it is also the feature that allow sunlight into the room and make your plants grow. Different types of glazes will give you different growing effects. Plastic sheets or glass are routinely used as glazing in greenhouses. Just be sure that you choose a glazing that is UV stabilized to protect your plants.

Single-pane glass or plastic tends to get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Avoid single-pane.

Double triple pane glazes will last many years and create a better environment for your plants.

Studies have shown that plants grow better under glass or plastic that is not clear. A smoky glazing is extremely advantageous becasue the light that enters a greenhouse is scattered. This affords a more even distribution of light and gives more total light to plants overall. When light passes through clear glass ir creats shadows which causes some plants to get more light than others. The best type of material for diffusing light is fiberglass, then polyethylenes, polycarbonates and finally acrylics. Glass is not good for diffusing light nor is it as resistant to breakages and temperature fluctuations.

Photosynthesis is the name given to the process that converts light into energy (or into sugar in the case of plants). In order for photosynthesis to occur the following requirements must be provided: light, a temperature that is optimally between 32°F (0°C) and 100°F (37.7°C), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. The fundemental rule to greenhouse gardening is to keep all of these factors in optimum balance. If you can do this, you are sure to augment plant growth.

Greenhouse kits and sunroom kits offer an excellent alternative for those of us who don't have the expertise or the time to build their own green house. Most greenhouse kits are constructed with aluminum, PVC or wooden frames. If you choose an aluminum frame be sure to ask if there are thermal breaks in it. Thermal breaks will keep the outside metal from directly contacting with the inside metal which will make certain that the inside of your greenhouse stays as warm as possible during the winter months.

Small pores of air in soil are the lifeblood for roots. These pores supply the roots with much needed nutririous gases. Water will clog these pores, casing the root to suffocate and the plant to wilt. A common mistake made by the blooming green house gardner is to give the plant more water. This is actually the worst thing you could do! A green house habitat does not require as much watering due to the natural moiture build up from being an enclosed space. Always check the soil befor watering in a greenhouse. Only water dry soil, and use water temperatures between 65°F and 80°F.

Small pores are also found on the leaves of all plants. These pores act as vents for oxygen, CO2 and water vapor. Water vapor accumulation is called humidity. The relative humidity in a space describes the amount of water vapor present in the air. Knowing the level in your greenhouse is crucial because most plants peak in certain climates. In addition, too much humidity (above 80%) will spur mold growth on your plants and inside your greenhouse. Mold wil destroy plants and wooden structures and cause disease. So the lesson here is to keep your greenhouse humidity between 45 and 60%. To measure the relative humidity in your greenhouse, purchase a hygrometer.

To control high humidity in your greenhouse, you will need to increase the circulation of air. The easiest ways to do this are to install a fan or water earlier in the day and only when your plants need it. To correct low humidity problems simply water more often or purchase a greenhouse humidifier.

CO2 is a prerequisite for photosynthesis. The air must contain a minimum of 300 ppm in order for healthy plant growth. When CO2 presence in the air is lacking, growth is slow and often times quite stunted. An abundance of CO2 presence will have the opposite affect. In fact, when CO2 levelas are increased to 1200 - 1500 ppm (parts per million) you will enjoy a 10 - 30% boost in your yeild. To combat CO2 deficiency the addition of a fan is simple and effective! The use of CO2 only occurs when light is present, so it can be turned off during the night. Regular addition of organic matter to the soil is also an easy way to increase CO2 levels, but should always be used as a supplement to the fan. If you have the space, the inclusion of a chicken or rabbit can also be effective. Tip: Plants will not use any more CO2 then 2000 ppm.

pH levels in your soil are another integral art of growint healthy plants. If off balance, the necessary nutrients in soil will not thrive, and therefore will starve your plants. The pH balance measures the degree of acidity in soil. The pH scale ranges from 1-14; 7 being neutral. You want your soil to rank as close to 7 as possible. The lower the rank below 7, the more acidic your soil is. The higher the rank above 7, the more alkaline, or basic, you soild is.

If too acidic, introduce some limestone or wood to the soil. If too alkaline try some compost (without manure), sulfur or acidic plant foods. A well balanced pH in your soil will cultivate valuable microbes that will not only help your plant maximize their potential, but also erradicate parasites. The absence of these healthy microbes escalates the chance for disease and pests.

While most plants reach peak growth in temperatures between 50° and 85°F, it is not a safe bet. Make sure you keep the temperature levels optimal for the types of plants you choose to grow. For instance, seedlings require higher temperatures and mature plants thrive incooler temperatures. Temperature is a key ingredient to photosynthesis, cell division, water intake, nutrient uptake, etc.

Now all you have to do is decide what to grow! It is recommended to obtain a good book on greenhouse gardening that will describe the temperature, water, humidity, an pH requirements to ensure that all of your selections will growth to their fullest potential.

Also keep in mind that some plants, such as peas, runner beans, tomatos, cucumbers, watermelon, winter squash, nasturtiums, passionflower, bougainvillea and sweet peas will require the addition of a trellis to your greenhouse. Other crops can be harvested several times throughout the year. Examples of this type might be leaf lettuce, strawberries, broccoli and brussel sprout. Thse should be planted in easy to reach places, perhaps around the edge of a bed. One time harvest crops include carrots and onions.

It is highly recommended to purchase seeds and plants online or in seed catalogs. These tend to come directly form the source and tend to be quite fresh and well cared for. As an added bonus, your selection is innumerable and the detail is unequaled.

What Our Customers Have Said:
"I saw your discount pop up greenhouse product at home depot on a poster I asked about the mini greenhouse kit and they did not have the pop ups or classic in stock yet it was just a promotion. I seached the internet after getting info from the store and I decided to buy from you"
-Mrs.lyday, long beach, California

"I found your web site very user friendly. The photos of the portable greehouses helped me decide to shop with you. The purchase experience was efficient, timely and friendly. I would recommend you to my gardener friends who are looking to buy a ."Thank you,
-Jenell A., Battle Ground, WA

"We found your site in an online search, and you had just the size and type little greenhouse we were looking for. It is set up and functioning fine. We are very pleased, and would recommend you to friends."
-William S., New Jersey Common Misspellings
grrenhouse, greeenhouse, greenhoues, greenhuse, portable greenhous, To find answers to all of your gardening questions, visit garden.org!

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