Travel Sleep Sacks and Silk Travel Sheets by Dreamsacks
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Travel Sleep Sacks and Silk Travel Sheets by Dreamsacks

Travel Sleep Sacks and Silk Travel Sheets by Dreamsacks

Silk Sheets Sleep Sacks - DreamSack Original Silk Sleep Sack
Free Ground Shipping!
DreamSack Silk Sleep Sacks are lightweight, comfortable and ...
Silk Sheets Sleep Sacks - DreamSack Original Opening Silk Sleep Sack
What better way is there to improve the luxury of the ...
Silk Sheets Sleep Sacks - DreamSacks Extra Roomy Opening Silk Sleep Sack
Imagine sleeping in the soft luxury of silk sheets anyplace ...
Silk Sheets Sleep Sacks - Dreamsacks Double Queen Silk Sleep Sack
Share the intimate delights of sleeping in a Dreamsack Silk ...
Silk Sheets Sleep Sacks - Dreamsacks Double Deluxe King Silk Sleep Sack
Share the intimate delights of soothing silky sleep in a ...
Dreamsacks Double Queen Silk Sleep Sack - Midnight Blue
Share the intimate delights of sleeping in a Dreamsack Silk ...
Dreamsacks Double Deluxe King Bed Size Silk Sleep Sack - Midnight Blue
Share the intimate delights of soothing silky sleep in a ...

Sleep Sacks, Silk Sacks, Travel Sheets, and Sleep Sack Sleeping Bag Liners by Dreamsacks and Cocoon

Sleep Sacks, Bed Liners, and Sleeping Bag Liners available in a variety of sturdy and soft fabrics are an excellent silk sack accompaniment on your next best travel. Sheets from Cocoon create durable, long-lasting sleeping bag liners to fit both regular sleeping bags and mummy bags. These sleeping bags even function as ultralight sleeping bags in warmer weather. Try the softness of silk or elegant Egyptian cotton or the Outdoor blanket for something to handle even more wear and tear. Whether away on vacation (think sleep sack for hostels) or business you'll sleep sound knowing you are wrapped comfortably in your own sheets as you drift off to dream.

The ever popular DreamSacks silk sleep sacks and sheets are available in many beautiful colors and styles. The luxury of silk liner travel sheets make great gifts for the traveler in your life. Dream Sacks are makers of high quality sleep sacks with style and convience. Slip into a slick silk sleep sack and enjoy the versatility of a great fabric, capable of keeping you cool in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. The sleeping bag liner hostel silk. Some of the adult travel sheet colors could also work for children or college students. Specifically, those planning a sleep sack hostel adventure.

Consider these perfect as a hostel sleepsack when you travel across Europe. We even offer volume discounts for large orders of sleepsacks for the hostels your tour or graduate trip may take your circle of friends. The Cocoon line designed a nice hostel lightweight blanket that comes in a variety of colors.

If you have to sleep away from home because of business travel or you fly across the country, then we have a broad selection of travel pillows for you, including the best travel pillow on the market. We also have some travel pillows to go along with the travel sheets featured on this page.

What Our Customers Have Said:
"I found your site through a search for sleep sacks. Your site was easy to use and search for travel sheet products. It was very straightforward and clearly defined. I had no concerns about security and would buy from you again. This is where to buy travel sheet"
-Eleanor B., Houston, TX

"Great Customer Service. I received my order just in the nick of time for my trip. I was glad that I did because we used the sleep sacks at one hotel in Rio where the sheets didn't look exactly pristine and also on an Amazon river boat cruise where the sheets were clean but there was no top sheet.
I have to give you an A+ for follow-up on a botched order. I believe it was the supplier of the travel sleep sacks that screwed up but after one call from me to inquire about my order not being shipped as promised your customer service dept. followed up not once but twice to correct the error. The first time the on-line order didn't make it to the warehouse for some reason. Customer service offered to ship the order by two day air and promised it would be here by Tues. (I was leaving on Thurs.). On Tues. your Customer service called me to say that the warehouse had screwed up again and shipped it by ground and that they were having another order sent overnight air with a return label for the original order. If your company hadn't followed on your own, I wouldn't have thought to call again and wouldn't have had my order in time. Thank you for great follow-up service. I've had the opposite experience dealing with Home Depot on orders they screwed up. The last time they charged me $7 shipping on a $15 Christmas gift that was supposed to be free s&h. After several calls and long waits on hold I was promised an $8 gift card (not a refund) for my trouble. By March, no gift card. I called, was promised again. I'm still waiting.....
Julie D., Jupiter Florida

"1.I Googled for bed liners. The price and quality of the product made it easy for me to buy from you. My experience with your company was excellent and I would recommend your site to friends for travel sheets and sleeping bed liners."
Lucinda N., New Bloomfield, PA

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Other Customers Say:
Your service was great. Received the item on time and in very good condition. Looking forward to ordering from you again.

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