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Indoor Gaming - Poker Table Tops - Poker Chips - Billiards - Darts

Indoor Gaming - Poker Table Tops - Poker Chips - Billiards - Darts

Poker Tables, Poker Table Tops And Poker Chips Poker Tables, Poker Table Tops And Poker Chips
Billiard Pool Cues, Pool Table Accessories, Balls, Pool Stick Cases, and Billiard Supplies Billiard Pool Cues, Pool Table Accessories, Balls, Pool Stick Cases, and Billiard Supplies
Darts, Dart Boards, And Dart Accessories Darts, Dart Boards, And Dart Accessories

Dart Boards, Arcade Games, Poker Chips, Poker Table Conversion Tops

Deck out the game room today. Use these poker table tops (poker toppers) to convert any table into a poker table. Here is a quick way to host a poker tournament in your own home. The poker padded table tops fold up for storage convenience.

Dart games, dart boards, dartboards, and electronic dartboards from Halex. Hang the board so that the center of the double bull is 5ft 8in (1.73m) from the floor, the proper height for dartboards. Throwing darts is a matter of consistency and practice. Even if you don't have hours and hours to spare developing your skills, you can still see noticeable improvement by following a few basic steps. Eventually you may be as good as 2007 Dart Champion, Raymond Van Barneveld (who beat Phil Taylor) 7-6 at the PDC Darts World Championships.

Pick a dart that's right for you. Stand on the oche (pronounced like 'hockey' minus the 'h', aka the toe-line) with the foot corresponding to which hand you intend to throw with perpendicular to the line. Many oches will be ruled, so take note of where you stand so you can stand there again next time. Draw an imaginary line from where your toe touches the line perpendicular to the oche. Place the heel of your other foot on that line in a location that distributes your weight easily. If you wobble when you throw, you need to spread your feet further apart! Stand up straight, shoulders back but comfortable and in line with the center of the board. Lightly grip the dart in your throwing hand. There are many different methods for gripping the dart, so choose one that works best for you and remember it. When selecting your grip, consider that you want the dart stable in your hand and parallel to the floor upon release. You also want a clean release, so try and keep as little of your fingers touching the dart as possible. Resist holding the dart like a pencil, as the friction of your fingers can cause the dart to veer off target. When you throw, move only your throwing arm. Don't hop, bounce, dip, or dive! You want the dart to release at the same point in your throw everytime and extra movement will make that nearly impossible! Throw your dart with a smooth, fluid motion. Don't flick or jerk it at the board. You do not need to hurl the dart with great force to make it stick! Once you're throwing with enough force to hit the board, concentrate on throwing the exact same way at the same point for a few throws. Pick a spot and try to hit it. If you don't, that's okay. What you're looking for here is precision, not accuracy. Your hand and eye will slowly correct for your throw as you play, improving your aim.

Picking Your Darts:
First make sure that all three darts are of the same weight and design. Check that the tips are not bent (they don't have to be super sharp to stick in most bristle dartboards) and that the shafts (the part to the rear of the dart that holds the flight in place) are screwed into the barrel (the part you grip when you throw). Check to make sure the flights are all in one piece and at least similar in shape. A set of darts can cost anywhere from 10 to 150 dollars. Brass darts are most common, costing from 10 to 25 dollars a set. Most beginners tend to do better with a heavier dart, usually something in the 24-26 gram range.

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Poker Tables, Poker Table Tops And Poker Chips

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Billiard Pool Cues, Pool Table Accessories, Balls, Pool Stick Cases, and Billiard Supplies

Billiard Cue Sticks - Ruby Red Designer Pool Stick

Darts, Dart Boards, And Dart Accessories

Electronic Dartboard - Cricket View 5000 Dartboard in Wood Cabinet - 69805

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